New Code of Digital Governance Law 4727/2020

Digital Governance in Greece

New Code of Digital Governance Law 4727/2020.

A new institutional framework between citizens and businesses and the state.

The aim of the new law is to create the legal framework for digital governance in the public sector in order to regulate the transactions of citizens and businesses with the State, which will inevitably lead to the development of the Greek digital state in the coming decade.

The following are the most important changes brought by Law 4727/2020:

Creation of a Personal Identification Number for every Greek citizen.

Chapter C, article 11 of Law 4727/2020:

One of the most important innovations being introduced by Law 4727/2020 is the Personal Identification Number. This digital ID number will be issued and carried by every Greek citizen and will be required by the Greek authorities to identify a person and verify their transactions.

The new digital ID number will consist of twelve (12) alpanumeric characters and once administered at birth will follow the person even after his death.

The last nine (9) figures of the digital ID number will be derived from the existing tax ID number (A.F.M.) of the Greek Citizen. The new digital ID will combine the social security ID and the tax ID into one so there will no longer be a need for multiple IDs when dealing with the authorities.

In order to secure that the process of administering the digital ID will conform with existing Greek and EU legislation on privacy and data protection, the Ministers of Finance, Labour and Social Affairs and Digital Governance will seek consultation from the Personal Data Protection Authority.

The introduction of a unique Digital ID number for each Greek Citizen is major breakthrough for Greek Governance and will redefine the mode in which citizens will deal with the Greek authorities. It will put a stop to the problems faced by Greek bureaucracy by simplifying matters and transactions.

Although the new Digital ID will be a helpful tool for both citizens and governments, one cannot overlook the potential privacy risks raised. Considering the fact that all personal data will be collected and combined under one single ID, the security measures taken should be draconian to ensure that no breach occurs. Furthermore, entertaining conspiracy theories, one canot help but wonder whether we are exchanging our names for and a number.


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