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Renewable Energy and Environmental Law

We offer essential legal advice and support on on all aspects of renewable energy projects in Greece.  Our team frequently provides insights, legislation updates on EU and Greek Energy and Environmental Law matters.

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Why Chose Us?

Our Law office provides legal advice on various matters throughout the life of a renewable energy project, starting with the planning process, throughout the construction, financing, operation and maintenance stages as well as refinancing or sale.

In response to the global energy market disruption, multiple EU and State programs have been launched to fund green energy initiatives followed by Climate and Energy legislation. We pride ourselves as having assembled a team of specialists in the field of energy (environmental, financial, tax, regulatory advisors)   to help our clients secure grants and funding for their renewable energy projects and to inform them on the constantly evolving energy landscape.

Our team combines legal knowledge with an in-depth understanding of the commercial aspects of the energy and environmental sector.

Whether you are seeking legal advice or you are seeking to secure funding for your renewable energy project, we are here to guide you

Our Services

  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), EPC Contracts, FIDIC forms, wind turbine supply, installation and service agreements.
  • Energy Community formation.
  • Intellectual property, product branding and patents
  • Investment and finance, including international investment, capital raising and equity crowdfunding
  • Commercial contract drafting and negotiation including commercialisation agreements, confidentiality agreements, manufacturing agreements and terms of trade
  • Business structuring and Company formation
  • Advice on Taxation
  • Absorption of state or EU funding Schemes for Startups
  • Employment and health and safety compliance
  • Licensing and Compliance Matters
  • Employment arrangements including outsourcing and freelance work

Funding & Financing

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