New Draft Bill brings reforms to Greek Yachting Law

“Modernisation of the institutional framework for the operation of pleasure boats and tourist day-trip vessels, strengthening the competitiveness of the professional pleasure boat sector and other provisions”

New Draft Bill on Greek Yachting Law

The new draft bill being proposed by the Ministry of Shipping and Insular Policy and the General Secretariat of Ports, Port Policy & Maritime Investment is going to bring long-awaited changes to the Greek Yachting sector.

The new legislation aims to introduce an online digital charter application “e-charter” and to simplify the procedure regarding the formation of Leisure Yacht Shipping Company – «Ναυτιλιακές Εταιρείες Πλοιων Αναψυχής» (Ν.Ε.Π.Α.) and the Private Leisure Yacht Companies – «Εταιρείες Ιδιωτικών Πλοίων Αναψυχής» (Ε.Ι.Π.Α.) with online e-company formation.

Furthermore, one of the main concerns of the Ministry which it aims to address is the “home porting” of for foreign-flagged yachts, in particular those above 35m, which until now chose the neighbor country ports of Albania and Turkey.

The new law will act as an institutional framework for crew insurance and one of its key reforms is the establishment of a single digital “ecosystem” for the whole cycle of operation and activity of the Greek commercial yacht sector and will radically change the way the market operates.

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